Tuesday, November 13, 2007


58% 146 Votes.

After checking my email this morning, it looks like the drama of the myspace "cheaters" is fading away. I've been contacting folks individually by Private Message to apologize for all the drama. I'm not debating with them or anything. I just apologize and assure them that it's all under control.

Honestly, I'm surprised that the votes are as low as they are (for or against).

Thanks for all that you all do.


Deagol said...

J, why would you want to be own by Fox for pennies? They'd take the advertising loot, give it to the suits, then claim it's not profitable because of ratings. And ruin your story in the process.

Why go to bed with the precise people who's feet are on fire right now for treating their writers like shit?

Now, if your submission is really in-game, I would try to stir the stinky voting pot much more, and then blame it on the people who murdered Maddison. Or have Tachyon orchestrate a hack of the contest. That would give you much more exposure than winning a stupid contest for yet another shitty network TV reality show (Maddison Idol? *gags*).

Deagol said...


12th Street House said...

I'll respond to this in detail after this week. For now.... it's ingame, and it's a long shot idea for Clara. Remind me, and I'll post an OOG reason for all this.

robfenwick said...

I voted for Clara's video a while back, but just had a chance to look at the contest as a whole. In my opinion the contest was not very well thought out. Who in there right mind has the time to watch and vote on 746 videos? I tried watching just the first few seconds of the ones that had more that 55% approval, even that was a daunting task, and gave up after the fist three pages. The obvious result is that the videos after the first couple of pages are going to get few views, and be easily manipulated by the friends of the posters both by giving affirmative votes to friends and negative votes to opponents.

The fist round should of been judged by a commitee and reduced to a reasonable number of promising canidates.

12th Street House said...

Good Point Rob!