Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2 Week Notice.... Almost

I've been thinking heavily on this for the last week. Very heavily. I've talked with a bunch of folks privately, and I've made a decision.

As of the end of my radio show a week from Thursday (December 13th), I'm building a fierce wall where this sad excuse of a curtain is.


In short, I have concluded that being so accessible to the audience has diminished the focus on the story.

So, focus on the story. You all are missing things, and I'm doing my part to help you focus. I'm rooting for you back here.

Hearts and Kisses..... Wait, I'm not leaving yet. I'll be available for the next a-little-more-than-a-week.



Anonymous said...

I highly disagree that this is the reason we are missing stuff, but I understand your decision.

We'll miss you.

Perky said...

I'm agreed with virginian. Good luck though.

modelmotion said...

The curtain is really important and access does tend to breed familiarity which is inherently dangerous to TINAG. However what we really miss is Maddison. She helped us focus and I don't think things have been the same since that terrible day. Whether or not we can get it together without Maddison is hard to say.

Good luck, and I will look forward to your insights when you resurface.

QtheC said...

Make sense to me.

I would think this might mean the story is getting ready to pick up.

Perhaps Jeromy will resurface between active chapters for limited periods of time as he did after Maddison and Adam's death.